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A revolutionary breakthrough in human biophysics is poised to redefine the very fabric of the medical landscape. Welcome to ELF, the Extended Life Foundation.


Dr. Bryan Morgan, a brilliant medic and an award-winning clinical psychologist, is finding unemployment, amid marital and financial strain, tough. That is until the Extended Life Foundation (ELF), a visionary institution at the forefront of scientific innovation dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of human longevity and rewriting the rules of life itself, comes knocking on his door. 


With state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting-edge research, and healthcare delivery that pushes the boundaries of human potential, prompting both awe and ethical debate, ELF invites Bryan to join the top-secret institute. It’s a dream job, but life is never that straightforward, and even the simplest discoveries can have deadly consequences.

Amid soaring hopes and fervent anticipation, shadows of doubt emerge, and questions arise about the consequences of tampering with the natural order. What sacrifices are made in the pursuit of extended life? Is immortality a gift or a curse? And when the boundaries between scientific progress and ethical boundaries blur, who ultimately holds the power to decide?

Ahead lies a frightening and dangerous mission into the unknown, putting Bryan’s life, and his sanity, at risk, and the choices he makes have profound implications. Trapped in a loop of ever-growing chaos, he'll go to any lengths to protect his family and expose the truth before it's too late.

Lifeline takes readers on an electrifying journey, exploring the intricate interplay between groundbreaking science, moral dilemmas, and the human quest for immortality.

If you’re a fan of fast-paced tech-thrillers with mind-blowing medical science, unexpected twists, and a desperate fight for survival, you’ll love this science fiction thrill ride.

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For those who read between the lines, the new technology was terrifying. But Teletron and the government insisted it was safe.


Set in a near future where oil no longer exists, civil aviation has ceased, improved battery technology underpins everything, algorithms optimise homes and electric cars, and people are forced to wear chips in their hands to protect their identity and bank accounts, Clotho revolves around a seventeen-year-old girl, Nova. 

Following a catastrophic terrorist attack that obliterates a prominent transport hub, Nova becomes an unwitting victim, her memory shattered into fragments. The exact circumstances behind the blast remain a mystery, but it has the radical Anti-Tech Movement written all over it.

As she struggles to piece together the remnants of her past, she becomes entangled in a dangerous pursuit against powerful forces that will stop at nothing to suppress the knowledge she possesses, catapulting her into a confused and lonely downward spiral. 


When she crosses paths with Arthur, a middle-aged man still reeling from losing his family in the attack, and a homeless boy, Owen, she forms an unlikely bond, and their lives are irrevocably changed. But can she trust them?

Driven by an insatiable desire for answers, Nova embarks on a perilous journey with her unexpected alliances to unravel the truth that lies at the heart of her lost memories, where she uncovers a treacherous web of conspiracies and high-stakes corporate espionage. With every step closer to the truth, she realises her forgotten past is intertwined with the fate of the entire world, making her a girl who knows too much.

A journey into how technology and best intentions collide, reminding us that some truths are worth risking everything to uncover. Experience this electrifying tech-thriller crammed with breakneck action, mind-bending twists, and characters you will never forget.

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Book 1


How do you survive a nuclear attack? Fly on a helium balloon to the stratosphere.

The space tourism project has taken many years of meticulous planning, the assembly of a highly trained crew, and a small fortune to embark on its groundbreaking journey into the uncharted stratosphere.

As the fragile peace below shatters and nuclear war erupts, the crew of five onboard Fable Sky, the world’s largest zero-pressure helium balloon, finds themselves thrust into a perilous race against time.

Will, the seasoned balloon captain and project founder, must guide the crew, drawing on all his flight experience to rally his team, uniting their diverse skills and unwavering spirit. Ariane, the skilled NASA research pilot, must bring her expertise and resourcefulness to the situation. Donavon, the ex-RAF pilot, must offer his combat experience and unyielding bravery when it matters. Peta, the fearless balloonist and intrepid adventurer, must add her audacity and survival instincts to the crew’s arsenal. And Lloyd, the mastermind behind the balloon's design, must ensure their vessel stays afloat amid the cataclysmic storm ravaging their world while dealing with his own destructive mind.

Together, they must navigate unstable conditions and the ever-present threat of annihilation. With each passing second, their oxygen dwindles, heightening the urgency to safely return to the ground, which is contaminated with deadly radiation. Time becomes their greatest adversary as they realise the chances of finding shelter amid the nuclear wasteland before their precious oxygen supplies deplete, plunging them into an eternal sleep, are slim.

In this high-stakes adventure, the crew must push the limits of their ingenuity, resilience, and teamwork to endure the harsh stratospheric environment and looming chaos below. Will they find refuge before their oxygen supplies run out or will they be consumed by the maelstrom of destruction?

Join these brave balloonists as they embark on a breathtaking journey through the sky, defying the boundaries of possibility, while discovering the true strength of human spirit in the face of impending doom.

BALLOON will leave you breathless, forever altering your perception of what lies beyond the boundaries of our known world.


Book 2

Hope begins in the dark. But what if the dark holds a horrifying reality no one is prepared to face? 

In the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse, in a land ravaged by darkness, the surviving crew members are alone and have no communication with the outside world. A simple choice awaits; sit tight and wait for a rescue that may never come or rise to face their destinies.

Will, the pragmatic balloon captain struggling with the loss of loved ones, is their guiding light, aided by Ariane, who brings her technical prowess and unyielding optimism to the Fable Sky crew. Their individual skills and unique backgrounds become their greatest assets as they forge a bond born out of necessity.

As the crew navigates the harrowing post-apocalyptic landscape with limited oxygen and damaged spacesuits that threaten their very existence, scouring the desolation for signs of life, habitable refuge, and vital resources, they discover their greatest strength lies not only in their individual skills, but in their collective will to survive.

However, tensions are running high between the crew at a time when crisis looms large, resolution seems unattainable, survival is uncertain, alliances are tested, and the limits of human endurance are pushed to breaking point.

The new world holds secrets lurking deep beneath the rubble, but are the dangers only outside their shelter or is there a threat much closer to home?

As the shadows draw in, pushing the crew to confront the darkest corners of their souls, their choices become a matter of life and death, and the consequences of their actions ripple through their fragile world, jeopardising their own humanity.

Join this extraordinary crew, united in their determination to reach the stratosphere in a balloon and then survive a war, as they traverse a treacherous path, discovering their hidden strength and an unwavering human spirit that refuses to be extinguished, even in the face of apocalypse.

BALLOON is a masterful, fast-paced adventure with a crisis that cannot be resolved, action that never slows down, and a world like you’ve never seen before.

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Book 3



In this third and final instalment, will humanity and courage stand between survival and annihilation?

As rations dwindle and graves are hastily dug, time has run out for the remaining crew. Traumatised by recent events but still alive, they must venture out into the unforgiving environment in one last desperate push to survive. Finding a rescue becomes their only goal, but only by working together can they hope to defy the odds and overcome the perils that lurk at every turn.

Through sacrifice, ingenuity, and unwavering resolve, the surviving crew members learn to adapt, evolve, and trust one another as the memories of their previous lives comfort and torture them at equal turns. Once again, it comes down to Will, Fable Sky’s leader, to guide them through the dangers that inevitably lie ahead in a foreboding and uncertain future, where every decision carries a weighty consequence.

As they journey through the bleak and hostile landscape, they encounter ruthless marauders, unforgiving natural disasters, and the constant threat of dwindling supplies. A land of promise awaits, but first impossible decisions need to be made, and the crew must be prepared to pay the ultimate price.

At the critical moment, as the line between triumph and catastrophe blurs and the stakes have never been higher, Will must rely on instinct, devise innovative solutions to their dire predicament, and chart their course in a desperate bid for survival with his steady hand as he once again finds himself on a dangerous, high-altitude mission. Will they find the freedom they seek, or will the shadows of deceit consume them before they can soar to safety?

Join this courageous crew one last time as they embark on a mammoth journey, battling the elements and their own fears, in search of a place where they can start anew and rebuild in a shattered world.

The genre-bending BALLOON trilogy series concludes with high altitudes, high hopes, and high-octane action adventure.

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THE CUBICLE (Coming Soon)

How do you fight a system that is designed to bolt the door and dispose of the key?


Locked within the formidable walls of his prison cell, known as the “cubicle”, Felix is struggling to adjust to prison life. He is also suffering from amnesia, a prisoner of his own mind, as the enigma surrounding his incarceration haunts him. Charting six months in the black hole between his imprisonment and now, he can’t remember his trial, conviction, or how his head trauma came to be.

As he navigates the treacherous and claustrophobic confines of the prison, he encounters a host of dubious characters: ruthless inmates, corrupt guards, and shadowy figures lurking in the darkness. Every interaction fuels his paranoia, forcing him to question who he can trust and what hidden agendas lie beneath the surface.


When the suspense intensifies, Felix discovers a web of deceit, conspiracy, and betrayal that reaches far beyond the prison walls and realises his imprisonment is just the beginning — a puzzle piece in a grander scheme of danger and intrigue. To unravel the truth and regain his freedom, Felix must outsmart his adversaries, face his own demons, and challenge the very foundations of power.

In the heart-pounding thriller The Cubicle, delve into a world where secrets breed danger and the truth can mean the difference between life and death. Can Felix break free from the shackles of his unknown past? Or will he be forever trapped, lost in the depths of an unforgiving prison system? 

A shocking and empowering story about an ordinary man struggling to find his place in a dark and dangerous world no one has seen before. 

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